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Twirl Productions Contest Dates and Locations 2021 –

Dates for Events for Spring 2021

Twirl Production Unlimited Solo Levels – Explanation of Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Levels

Click the link below to view your points accrued thus far and level achieved. Levels will be reassessed at the conclusion of each contest.

Click on the link below to see a copy of the SCHEDULE for the contest at Bullard on April 24, 2021. 


The schedule is still a work in progress as I am adding song titles.  However, the performance times are set.  You must check EACH tab for your performances.

Report Times for Contest at Bullard for Precision Twirl Teams!!

Recital Registration - Recital will be on Sunday, May 2 at 2:00 at HMS Gym!!


Registration for Precision Twirl TEAM Events.  Remember that you sign up and pay team entry fee to Paige for all team events!    She will turn in all team entries and contest fees for TEAMS to the contest!  Parents are responsible for registering and paying for all individual events.

Remember to submit TEAM registration for each contest separately!

TEAM Registration for contest at Bullard on Saturday, April 24 is listed below.  Click on the link to register for TEAM events with Precision Twirl!

Parents are responsible for registering students for individual events like competitive solos, duets and trios.  Parents are also responsible for getting payment to the contest for competitive events. Remember that there is a deadline to register for competitive events.  You may sign up for divisional events (non-competitive) and fundamental levels on the day of the contest.